Encounters of the nth Kind

Bad joke.
March 17, 2010, 5:32 pm
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Let’s just get it out there. I work at a Museum. A Museum that doesn’t have a Van Gogh, space shuttle or stuffed elephant in the lobby. A Museum that is socially conscious and had an utterly reprehensible incident took place last June (If you can’t figure it out…um….bing/google it??) That’s all I am gonna say…

Setting the scene: I am on the metro. Looking gorg (peacock feathers were involved). Listening to my music. Minding my own business. I am carrying a big bag from CVS with my platonic life partner’s (PLP) birthday present because it was raining and I was heading to Dupont for a night of shenanigans.

Girl sits down. I assume she is a pot smoking surfer (I have great peripheral vision). And the conversation goes like this:

Girl: What did you buy at cvs that needed such a big bag?

Me: Huh? (as I pause the Relient K song I was listening to and remove the ear buds)

Girl: Your bag…it’s so big

Me: Oh it’s my PLP’s birthday present – I got him a kite

Girl: They sell kites at cvs?

Me: No.

Girl: I want to fly a kite

Me: Cherry Blossom Festival. April. Go.

Girl: Where are the blossoms?

Me: Near Jefferson

Girl: The round one?

Me: Yes, it’s near my office so I can see the blossoms from my window

Girl: Oh, where do you work?

Me: The _______ Museum

Girl: I keep meaning to go there but I don’t want to get shot

Me: Bad joke

Welcome to my life.


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