Encounters of the nth Kind

Encounters of the 27th kind.
March 17, 2010, 3:21 pm
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Let’s just get right to it, okay? I have tried this whole blog thing before (read: a few times), however I just never felt like my words were legit. cool. or worth reading. Frankly I got bored of myself.

Don’t lie. We’ve all done it. I did the “weight loss” blog (lasted about 12 days) but I talked about Chipotle way too much for that to have been a success. I tried the “daily happenings in my life” one, but my daily life is beyond boring. My cubicle is bigger than my apt and I have a fish named Jefferson (as in Thomas)…the end.  

So I decided, instead of trying too hard – I am just going to write about my random encounters. And trust me, I have some random ass encounters. Especially in the last few months. People like to talk to me. And not necessarily crazy people…though there are some craziesssss in DC. Normal people just start conversations with me. And I am completely willing to engage in those convos. But perhaps you are asking yourself “why now?” What outrageously ridiculous encounter took place in the last 24 hours that would make me start a blog (during work hours)?

One of the best encounters EVER happened last night. And by best, I mean I kind of wanted to throw shit, scream, punch, get trashed, etc. However…I resisted. I sent a few angry text messages. Was a bit of a stalker and called someone a few times, but all in all I held it together.  What was this crazy encounter? Just you wait and see…


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