Encounters of the nth Kind

Two guys on the bus…
April 29, 2010, 6:21 pm
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Riding home on the bus yesterday (shocking, I know) 2 older gentlemen were having a conversation…and I have a problem with listening in. My bad.

(I always found Man #1 to be a little bit on the weird side…and now I find him to be on the really weird side.)

Man 1 :  So, what does the rest of your week look like?

Man 2: Oh, am in town for the next few weeks.

Man 1: Well you should let me know what bus you are gonna be taking each night, so I can plan to take the same bus.

Man 2: Oh yeah, for sure.

Man 1: I may work from home on Friday but if I don’t, let’s ride the 5pm bus.

The rest of the conversation is not even worth describing. I was completely weirded out.

Day off.
April 21, 2010, 3:24 pm
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Setting: A chilly, rainy Saturday night bus ride – going from the metro to a barrrrrrr. I am the only passenger so as soon as the driver starts talking to me, I obviously go and stand right next to him. We had a moment.

Time: 9:07 pm (roughly)

Characters: Me and the bus driver

Bus guy: So…I have tomorrow off.

Me: Well that is fun

Bus guy: Wanna know why I have tomorrow off?

Me: Sure

Bus guy: Because I have something to watch on tv

Me: Oh yeah? What’s that?

Bus guy: Wrestle mania.

Me: You took tomorrow off of work so you could watch wrestle mania? Really?

Bus guy: Oh yeah. Never miss it.

Me: Will you be watching Wrestle Mania alone?

Bus guy: Nope, going to a friend’s to watch it – he bought it on pay per view and we are gonna eat wings

Me: Pay per view still exists???